The Best Support, At Your Convenience

Akoma Health members enjoy quality and hassle-free care on demand.

How Akoma Health Works

Akoma Health gets you to a therapist in three easy steps:

Start By Signing Up

You can provide more information about your needs and preferences at this stage, which allows us to match you to a therapist. Your privacy is important to us and so we allow you to hide your identity also.

Schedule Your Session

Next, you can schedule a virtual session with your therapist at your convenience. Our therapists are readily available.

Join Your Session

Your therapist will work with you to reach your goals and become a stronger you.

Choose Which Type of Therapy Works Best For You.

We offer individual, group and text therapy. You can hide your identity too.

  • Individual Therapy: Speak to a therapist 1-on-1, via secure video conferencing.

  • Group Therapy: Join a group of other individuals seeking the same kind of support in speaking to a therapist, so you can find community.

  • Text Therapy: Speak to a therapist 1-on-1, via our secure chat feature.

Exclusive Events and Talks

We offer our members exclusive access to talks/events with our therapists, industry experts and partner organisations, to complement their wellness journies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Akoma Health work?

When you sign up, Akoma Health will match you to a therapist or coach that best meets your needs. You can schedule time with this therapist and meet them virtually whenever and as frequently as you like, both with video or just voice. Your personal therapist can support you and guide you towards your required goals.

What does Akoma Health do to ensure my privacy and confidentiality?

All our providers (therapists) sign a contract and are bound by US and local laws to maintain your privacy. Other than this, if you still feel nervous about privacy, we have included features that allow you to use an alias, instead of your name, during each session with your therapist.

How much do sessions cost with Akoma?

There are group and individual sessions available ranging from 3,000 NGN/ US $6 per person per group session and 10,000 NGN/US $20 per individual session.

The number of sessions you need will vary depending on what you need and your goals.

What do I need before each session?

First and foremost, please bring yourself and an open mind. Therapists are trained to work through difficult feelings with you, which means you have to deal with those feelings. This can lead to many positive outcomes, including a lightened mental burden, better tools for handling new challenges, and an increased sense of self-worth.

You will also need access to the internet, on a computer or a mobile phone.

Does it matter what country I am in?

No, we cater to Africans across the continent and in the diaspora.

How do I get my employer to provide Akoma Health to me?

Please request a proposal for your employer by emailing Our team will get in touch and find a way to best meet your team's needs.