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Akoma Health’s cancellation & reschedulation policy for your sessions

In the event you need to cancel or reschedule your booked session(s), here's how to access our session cancellation policy, which provides important guidelines.

In this help guide, we cover:

Lateness to session

A provider/user is considered late to a session if they join later than 10 minutes after the start time of the call, based on their booking. Providers who are late do not get compensation if their client is a no-show. After 15 mins, if the provider drops off, this automatically becomes a no-show for the user.

Maximum wait time

Providers are expected to wait up to 15 minutes on a call before dropping off, in expectation for their client to join. They will only be compensated up to 15 minutes and nothing beyond that - they are free to wait as long as they want. We needn’t prescribe a maximum wait time for Clients.


With 3 consecutive “no-shows” i.e not showing up for session, we will limit activity on your account, preventing you from continuing to book. You will be required to fill out a questionnaire providing context on your absenteeism and desire to keep booking sessions.

Reschedule window

You are only allowed to reschedule sessions up until 12 hours before your session start time. After which point you would only have the option to cancel the session, forfeiting your session payment.

Cancellation policies for psychologists

If you want to learn more about our cancellation policies for our psychologists, please visit the cancellation & rescheduling policies for psychologists.

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