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Give the gift of well-being to your loved ones.

A meaningful present that goes beyond the ordinary – Treat your loved ones and friends you care by offering them a thoughtful experience focused on mental health and self-care.

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Here’s how it works


Enter recipient’s detail, add a personal message and send on a date you choose.


Pay for number of sessions added to cart and checkout your payment.


Your gift will be sent to the recipient and you can also share the link to the gift.

What's Included?

Tailored sessions for every need.

Tailored sessions for every need.

Our expert therapists provide personalized sessions covering a range of topics, including stress management, self-discovery, and emotional well-being. Give the gift of a serene and supportive space this holiday season.

Send a gift

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the gifting process work?

Select number of session, add a personal touch, and send it directly to your loved one. It's a seamless and heartfelt way to show you care.

What topics do the sessions cover?

Tele-therapy sessions on Akoma health are 1:1 sessions between you and your therapist. The sessions are tailored to your individual cultural background, beliefs, and values. We take into account cultural nuances and preferences to provide effective support and understanding for you.

Can the recipient choose their therapist?

Yes, we allow the recipient to choose from a pool of qualified psychologists

Can I send a gift to an already existing customer?

Yes, you can gift an existing customer a session on Akoma Health.

How does the recipient redeem the gift?

The recipient will receive a link to redeem the gift. Upon clicking the link, the system will automatically allocate the specified number of gifted sessions to the recipient's account. Subsequently, the recipient can utilize the gift by applying it to a booking when scheduling a therapy session.

Spread joy and well-being this season. Gift a mental health care session today

Start their journey towards well-being today."

Send a gift