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You Can be a Stronger You

You evolve over time and so does your health! Get 1:1 care from trusted and qualified therapists so you can get stronger and stay stronger.

Productive and Forward Thinking Companies Trust Akoma Health

Tele-therapy just for you

Our technology enables you to have a confidential 1:1 experience with your therapist. 

Knowledgeable experts to suit your needs

Individual preferences are key to having a personalized journey. You take a quiz, we recommend

Professional care everyday

We pride ourselves in our list of highly sought after therapists and clinical psychologists.

Why People Love
Akoma Health

“ I thought therapy was expensive so I never bothered. But finding Akoma Health has made me realize that therapy can be affordable, accessible and reliable. ”

Adaeze Uwam

Tech Professional

“ I'm thankful for Akoma Health's therapy, which assisted me in overcoming my social anxiety and connecting with others. ”

Daniel Babalola

Tech Professional

“ Therapy with Akoma Health helped me get over PPD. As a first time mother that was faced with this, I found it difficult to love my baby and Postpartum body. Now, I love my baby more than ever. ”

Yemi Jacobs

Tech Professional

“ Akoma Health's support allowed me to break free from the chains of addiction. Grateful for a renewed life. ”

James Mfon

Tech Professional

Meet Sarah

With optimal care from her therapist, he has been able to develop life-long coping skills towards staying strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Akoma Health Help?

We make therapy more accessible to Africans within and outside the continent via tele-therapy.

What are tele-therapy sessions like?

Tele-therapy sessions on Akoma health are 1:1 sessions between you and your therapist. Your information is safe with us because we take client confidentiality very seriously.

Who are Akoma Health Providers?

Our providers are verified and qualified mental health care experts. For starters, our providers are psychologists with at least a Masters Degree in a specialized field. We help you combat the issue of getting matched with poorly qualified individuals posing as mental health care workers.

How do I book a session?

The first step would be to create an account via https://app.akomahealth.io/register (if you do not already have one). Fill in the requested details, verify your email address, take the preference quiz to choose a therapist and book your session!

What happens if I miss a session?

You get the opportunity to reschedule your session if you miss it.

How does pricing work?

We provide care for individuals for as little as 15,000 NGN, $30, and other equivalents depending on the country you are in.

Will my HMO or company cover this?

We are in partnership with a couple of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) and companies. However, to be sure your HMO or company will cover your session, kindly confirm from your company or HMO first. If they aren't currently partners, we are glad to onboard them. Visit the Akoma for Organizations page for more information.

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